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Our Products

With our vast experience, we have developed a deep understanding of what makes a fiberglass pool exceptional. 


We worked on two format (24ft x 12ft x 5ft and 20ft x 7,5ft x 5ft) to provide the best quality possible with a material of choice: fiberglass.


The fiberglass is created from millions of interwoven glass threads covered with a polyester resin. It is an incredibly strong, flexible and lightweight material that is ideal for an in-ground swimming pool and used for many performance products such as airplanes, helicopters and boats!

Our in-ground fiberglass swimming pools are constructed using only the highest quality gel coats, vinyl ester resins, fiberglass and related materials available.

Our pools are built in climate-controlled manufacturing facilities by trained technicians. Because we have 22 years of in-ground fiberglass swimming pool manufacturing experience, this allows us to produce one of the strongest and most reliable pools available on the market.


Thanks to our innovative technology we are able to customize your pool! 

From the classic style to the more complex mosaic, patterns related to the architecture of your home, marble, granite, images and symbols you like! 


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